Monday, December 19, 2011

Another Loss!

Last week: 168.2
This week: 167.5

I know I've been a bad blogger.  Things have been very busy, with the kids' birthdays and Christmas coming up.  But, I'm still doing well with WW, and still losing!  This past week was a tough one, with all the cake and goodies from Jackson's birthday and temptations from a holiday party.  So, I'm pretty happy with my 0.7 lb loss.  I have a feeling that next Monday won't be so pretty, after all the holiday craziness. 

Ok, so here's my plan for this week:

1. Stay on track with WW Monday through Thursday, while we're home.  Exercise as much as possible.
2. Be good on Friday, and try to track while at the in-laws' house.
3. Splurge a LITTLE on Saturday.  It is my birthday, after all!!
4. Taste everything on Sunday (just like I did on Thanksgiving) but don't go crazy.
5. Monday = back to WW and stay on track!

This seems like a pretty good plan to me.  I'm not expecting to be perfect this weekend, but I'm not saying that all bets are off and I'm going to eat anything I want.  It's a good balance, I think.

I'll try to blog some this week, but I'm not promising anything.  I still have gifts to buy, bags to pack, house to clean, laundry to do...  Whewww!  Only 6 days until Christmas!!!!!!!

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