Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Ok, not quite yet, but my birthday is coming up in two weeks.  I told my husband that, for my birthday, I wanted a night out (sans kids) for dinner and a movie.  Since my parents are in town this weekend, and offered to watch the kiddos, we had my birthday celebration last night.

When Joe asked me where I wanted to go for dinner, I said I wanted sushi.  I haven't had it since before Natalie was born (and even then, I only had the cooked stuff since I was pregnant).  So, we went to Leesburg to a place my brother recommended - Noku.  It was great!  Since it was my "birthday" and since I had run in the AM and saved all of my extra weekly points, I just ordered what I wanted.  Miso soup, salad and a spicy roll combo.  Yummm!!

Then, since we didn't like the movie selection, we headed to the casino to check out the horse races and play some slots (read: deposit money into a machine and leave empty handed).  That was fun, and, since I was so stuffed from dinner, all I had was a Coke Zero.  No need to use any more points. 

So, this morning, I tallied up the damage on my WW e-tools... not too bad!  I would have eaten MANY more points if we'd have gone to a different place.  Luckily, sushi is not too unhealthy (unless you get anything "tempura" aka fried!).  I'm pretty proud of myself, and hope to see another loss tomorrow morning.

Stay tuned!

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