Thursday, December 8, 2011

Run Run Rudolph...

I started running this past summer, and really got into it.  I did the Couch to 5K program (which I would HIGHLY recommend!) and completed my first 5K on Oct. 1.  I did my second 5K on October 28, in a freak snowstorm!  I loved the races, and can't wait to do my next one. 

However, I am finding it hard to keep running over the winter.  During the summer and early fall, I'd get up and run at 6am, before the kids woke up and before it got hot.  It was so great to go out and run with the sun coming up.  Now, since the sun has practically disappeared in the morning and evening, I haven't found a good time to run.  And I hate the dreadmill (read a couple of weeks back about that).

So, the last time I was able to run was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  Ugh.  I miss it.

Now, I'm hearing about an impromptu Reindeer Run 5K this Saturday morning in Frederick.  It's not timed, but just for fun.  I think I might have to run it, just for a chance to get out there again.  Plus, it'll be fun to dress up in festive garb and don my favorite reindeer antlers to run :)

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