Monday, December 5, 2011

All About Food (and my weekly weigh-in, of course!)

Today: 168.3
Last Monday: 169.5

Yay!  1.2 more pounds gone.  Lots to go still, but I'm inching closer and closer to my goal of 145lbs - slow and steady.  This past week, I did well tracking my points and measuring my portions, even though I ate out quite a few times.  I had Chick Fil A twice, Panera Bread and even Papa John's pizza. 

So, today I wanted to blog about favorite go-to foods.  Even though I track everything I eat in my WW online program, I still like to make lists every now and then so that I can see what's working and what's not.  Here's what I've been eating and snacking on lately:

- Brown ricecakes and peanut butter (very filling, and really good!)
- Banana-blueberry smoothies with milk, splenda and vanilla extract
- Flatout brand wraps
- Buffalo chicken deli meat
- Nathan's NY style kosher pickle halves (SOOO good!)
- Orbitz bubble mint sugar-free gum
- Baked Lays (BBQ)
- Walmart brand sugar-free drink mix (cherry and grape are my favorites - tastes just like koolaid)
- Diet Dr. Pepper (I'm a borderline addict)
- Yoplait 100 calorie yogurts - I love lemon meringue pie and french vanilla
- Polly O string cheese
- Tacos on soft corn tortillas - delicious and surprisingly low in points
- Chicken kabobs with rice
- Smart pop mini-bags of microwaved popcorn

I also love getting ideas for healthy snacks and food swaps from  This website is great, and posts WW points right on the recipes.  So easy! is another website that I'm always browsing.  The blogger has some great recipes, and also lists the WW points. 

Anyone have other great ideas for healthy snacks, dinners or swaps?  I'll post mine here and there, but I'd love to hear other ideas!!


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