Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Five Ps

You've heard them... Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.  The five Ps are relevant in pretty much every aspect of life - especially weight loss!!  I must pat myself on the back today for adhering to the five Ps and having an awesome WW day.  I even have two points leftover for a bedtime snack (hello, m&ms!!).

Today looked like this:

B: Two eggs, English muffin and tea
L: Peanut butter sandwich, yogurt and grapes
S: Pear and 20 almonds
D: Tortilla pizza (YUMM!) and veggies w/ light ranch dip
S: Halloween m&m's

First off, I planned a fun day for myself and the kids since we spent yesterday cooped up indoors.  Today, it was rainy, so I decided to go to the mall.  While we were there, I planned on walking a few laps with the stroller before sitting down to let them play.  I purposely didn't leave for the mall until after an early lunch because I didn't want to get caught in that "well, we're out and it's lunchtime, so we better stop and get something" routine.  I don't mind eating out every once in a while, but, the more times we go, the more times I'm tempted to get something bad.  Plus, I was already planning on eating out for lunch tomorrow.

So, I knew we would be out during snack time, so I packed the kids a snack and grabbed a pear and almonds for myself.  That way, we weren't out and starving and tempted by Auntie Anne... you all know her, I'm sure!  Not only was I able to get in a little exercise by lapping the mall with the kids in tow, but I was also able to get in a healthy lunch and snack, all the while having fun with the kiddos.  Not too bad of a day!

Oh, and the tortilla pizzas were pretty awesome!  I was originally planning on making pizza on the refrigerated Pillsbury dough but, when I got home, I realized that I must have used the dough without remembering.  Oops.  So, in a pinch, I used flour tortillas.  I sprayed a cookie sheet with Pam, laid out a couple of tortillas, then topped them with sauce, a bunch of veggies, cheese and pepperoni.  Then, I baked them at 375 for about 15 minutes.  Even Joe and the kids liked them. 

Now, I'm off to get those m&ms I saved up for tonight :)

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