Tuesday, November 15, 2011

So Far, So Good

Well, it's day 2 of my journey and I'm feeling pretty good.  I followed WW to a tee yesterday and realized that, by dinnertime, I was hungry!  I haven't felt like that for a while now, because I've been snacking and grazing all day.  Bad bad bad.  That needed to stop.

Yesterday looked like this:

Breakfast: Toast w/ Nutella, a banana and a cup of tea
Lunch: Tuna on a flour tortilla, pickles, baked Lays and a pear
Snack: Apple, string cheese, 13 almonds (and yes, I counted them out!)
Dinner: Grilled chicken + red peppers, 2/3 cup noodles w/ butter.
Snack: Klondike

Now, this seems like a decent ammount of food, and it was.  I am still nursing Natalie, so I do get some extra points for that (which is nice!)  I love that I am able to eat pretty healthy, but still have a treat or two along the way.  Even though, looking back at this menu, I realize that I should be eating more veggies and less carbs.  This is why I love writing these things out - I am a pretty visual person after all.

I have also been drinking a lot more water.  I have my Tervis tumbler (which is awesome and keeps my water cold for a while!) and keep filling it up instead of reaching for another diet soda.  I'm limiting those sodas to one a day, and will have those with my snack around 3pm or so.  That's when I find I REALLY need that caffeine!

One thing I am not doing is eating off of the kids' plates.  This is a really bad habit that I have gotten into lately.  Jackson is notorious for eating like a bird, and I realized today that I am constantly picking off of his plate.  I don't know if it's some subconscious way to make sure the food doesn't get wasted, but, whatever it is, it's all done.  No more finishing the kids' food!

Tonight, we're having leftover chili for dinner.  Better plan out some good veggies to go with that!

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